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Please read the following FAQ’s for answers to common questions.

If you need further assistance, contact us using the form below.
Are there any fields which must be entered manually and written by hand?2020-03-31T12:31:10-10:00

Some of the fields in the application must be written by hand.

Two of which are:

  1. Signatures
  2. Native language entries

Be sure to look for sections that have this requirement when you have printed the petition.

Use BLACK INK only.

Who is the Petitioner and who is the Beneficiary?2020-03-31T12:25:53-10:00
  • The Petitioner is the person who is the United States Citizen or United States Permanent Resident Alien.
  • The Beneficiary is the citizen of a different country – NOT the United States – who is trying to enter the United States.
How much time do I have to complete the petition?2020-03-31T12:32:22-10:00

There is no time limit. Our cloud application is self-paced and we encourage you to take your time to make sure your answers are correct and the petition is thorough. Go slow, read everything and answer all the questions that apply to your situation.

How often can I print my petition?2020-03-31T12:18:15-10:00

We encourage you to print your petition every time you make a change. You should review the printed petition thoroughly before you send it to the USCIS. Go ahead and print as often as needed.

Do you offer payment plans?2020-03-31T11:01:02-10:00

We sure do! Our Professional Services offers a variety of payment plans that work with your budget and situation. Reach out to us for more information and options.

How do I get help if I get stuck?2020-03-31T10:59:04-10:00

We’re here for you if you ever need assistance. Just use the “Need Help” button at the top of the web application pages for multiple help options. We are here for you and want you to succeed!

How long does it take to get the K1 Visa?2020-04-06T09:38:50-10:00

We have optimized the petition on our cloud platform to take an average of 60 minutes. You can be ready to file in as little as a few hours! Once you have filed the petition with the USCIS, it takes an average of 6 months to 12 months to be approved for the K1 Visa.

What happens when I finish adding my information?2020-03-31T10:54:33-10:00

You are almost ready to file the petition!

You have a couple of options when you are ready to file:

  1. Print the petition on your own printer and file it with the USCIS. The filing instructions and your completed petition are included. Make sure to read everything thoroughly and follow the instructions exactly as stated!
  2. Send your petition to us for a professional review. This is a free 30 minute consultation and if you choose to proceed with our Professional Services, we’ll take over and handle all the file details for you. If you decide not to proceed with Professional Services, you can always go back to Option 1.
Why do I always get signed out?2020-03-31T10:33:39-10:00

As a security measure and to protect your data and information, when you leave the page, close your browser or select the “Save and Continue Later” button, you must Sign In again to continue working on your application. All progress is automatically saved on our secure cloud.

How do I save my progress?2020-03-31T10:34:46-10:00

When you select the “Save and Next” button, your current progress is saved automatically.

When you select the “Save and Complete Later” button, the application saves your progress automatically and logs you out of the system.

This is also true if you jumped around the various pages in the application. All progress is securely saved automatically and stored in our cloud.

Come back anytime to continue where you left off.

This support form is for Cloud Platform Customer Support only.

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If you have questions related to USCIS processes or you have a unique situation, please contact our
Professional Services Department.

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