Approval Guarantee!

We can’t guarantee you’ll get approved – no one can – but we can guarantee you don’t waste your money! If you answered all the questions 100% truthfully and honestly and did not omit any information, replied to all USCIS and Visa General inquiries and requests for information in a timely manner, do not have a criminal record and meet the minimum income requirements and other requirements of the petition process, but were still denied, you’ll get your money back – guaranteed! If you choose to re-submit the petition and fall under the assumptions above, we’ll help you with the re-submission free of charge.

This guarantee does not apply if your country of origin is on the US Government banned list which includes but is not limited to: Iran, Nigeria, Eritrea, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Sudan and Tanzania. Since the list changes, we reserve the right to void the guarantee based on present and past country bans.